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IIW-Type 1 Calibration Block (Metric Version) TITANIUM

IIW-Type 1 Calibration Block (Metric Version) TITANIUM

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IIW-Type 1 Calibration Block (Metric Version) TITANIUM

IIW type blocks are used to calibrate instruments for both angle beam and normal incident inspections. Some of their uses include setting metal-distance and sensitivity settings, determining
the sound exit point and refracted angle of angle beam transducers, and evaluating depth resolution of normal beam inspection setups. Instructions on using the IIW type blocks can be found in the annex of American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E164, Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Contact Examination of Weldments.

Geometry: 100.0 mm radius, 1.5 mm dia hole, 6.0 mm deep x 2.0 mm wide slot, and 25.0 mm radius

slot x 1.5 mm deep x 3.0 mm wide.

Dimensions:  25mm (T) x 100mm (W) x 300mm (L).

Material: TITANIUM.

Note: For special alloy request by mail.


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