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QQI Variable Depth KSC4-234

QQI Variable Depth KSC4-234

Part Number : NDE FLAW TECH-QQI-32


QQI Variable Depth KSC4-234            

Used for more quantitative work, three concentric circular flaws of differing depth. Basic circular and crossed bar flaw configuration suitable for longitudinal and circular fields. The standard flawed shims are typically used to establish proper field direction and ensure adequate field strength during technique development in magnetic particle examination. The Shims may be used to ensure the establishment and balance of field in the multi-directional magnetization method. 

The use of a QQI is also the only practical way of ensuring balanced field intensity and direction in multiple-direction magnetization equipment. QQIs are often used in conjunction with a Gauss meter to establish the inspection procedure for a particular component. They are used with the wet method only, and like other flux sharing devices, can only be used with continuous magnetization.

20%/30%/40% of Shim thickness, .004” thick (0.1 mm)


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