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4 Wedge Step Calibration Block (Inch Version) Special Alloy

4 Wedge Step Calibration Block (Inch Version) Special Alloy

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4 Wedge Step Calibration Block (Inch Version) Special Alloy

Step and tapered calibration wedges come in a large variety of sizes and configurations. Step wedges are typically manufactured with four or five steps but custom wedge can be obtained with any number of steps. Tapered wedges have a constant taper over the desired thickness range. 4 Step Calibration Block for thickness and linearity calibration 4 Step Calibration Block 0.25" – 1".

Dimensions: 4 Step Calibration Block has steps starting at 0.25" to 1" in 0.25", 0.5", 0.75", 1" increments.

Note: Customized Step Block also available. 

Metric Step Face: ¾" X ¾".

Material: Special Alloy


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